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Author FAQ

Q: Is it possible to get an extension for the paper submission deadline?
A: No, sorry, there are no extensions to the March 1st deadline.
Q: Is there an author response phase during reviewing?
A: No, there is no author response phase.
Q: When will we know about paper decisions?
A: Paper decisions are scheduled to be emailed out to authors by May 6th.
Q: Are the page limits and formatting guidelines strict?
A: Yes. Papers that do not adhere to the page limits and the formatting requirements will be rejected.
Q: Can we submit work that is already published or submitted?
A: No. Submitted papers should describe work that is novel and that has not been submitted or published elsewhere.
Q: Will there be an opportunity to revise papers before final publication?
A: For accepted papers, authors will have the opportunity to revise their papers in response to the reviewers before final submission (by May 20th) for publication in the proceedings.
Q: Can I provide supplementary material in addition to the submitted paper?
A: There is no supplementary material for UAI submissions this year.
Q: Does CMT automatically send out a confirmation email to authors when they submit a paper?
A: The CMT system only sends acknowledgements if the authors request it at submission time. It does not happen automatically by default.

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