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UAI 2013 - Call for Workshops

For the second year running, the Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) solicits workshop proposals to supplement the program of the UAI 2013 conference. This is an expansion of the decade-long practice of having a single applications-oriented workshop, to include a wider range of topics than occupy the conference sessions.

We invite researchers interested in organizing one of these workshops to submit a proposal. Proposals will be judged on their originality, relevance to the theme of UAI, and likelihood of their success.

The point of having workshops is to expand the discussion around the main conference, to topics that are more speculative, applied, emerging, or multi-disciplinary, by providing an informal forum for researchers to discuss important questions and challenges such areas bring up. In previous years, papers presented at workshops have been archived on sites that archive publications for free, such as CEUR.

Important dates

  • Monday, July 15th, 2013: Workshop day.
  • February 25th, 2013: Workshop proposal deadline.
  • March 25th, 2013: Acceptance notification.

Submission Guidelines

We have limited space for all-day workshops to be held on Monday, July 15, following the regular program of the UAI conference on July 11-14. This date overlaps one day with the two-day AAAI workshops that will be taking place at a nearby location. One additional criterion for selecting workshops will be their complementarity to the existing AAAI set. See the proposed AAAI workshop list at

Workshop organizers are expected to coordinate workshop participation and content, including arranging the day's schedule with possible invited presentations, paper or poster sessions, and commentators to sit on discussion panels. Organizers are encouraged to circulate a call for participation if appropriate, with freedom to set submission and acceptance dates as they see fit. Registration and fees for participants will be managed centrally as part of the main conference.

Organizers are free to decide the full content of proposals. At a minimum when proposing a workshop, please include the following sections:
  1. Description of the proposed workshop: Indicate what this workshop is about and why this is an interesting and novel subject for the UAI audience. If it relates to workshops that have been previously held on the topic, please provide its history.
  2. Format & content Some workshops include a substantial tutorial component if the topic is not familiar to some of the audience you'd like to attract. If so please give background on your likely invited speakers. In case you already have an informal confirmation from some speakers, you may indicate that in your proposal.
  3. Description of expected participation: Specify who the target audience is. Which fields do you expect participants to come from? How heavily subscribed do you expect it to be? ---Note that a small but novel meeting might be more valuable than reviving a widely popular but well worn subject.
  4. Your qualifications as organizers. Please include the names, e-mail addresses, and webpages of all organizers, in addition to a short bio of organizers' background, research program and interests.
Proposals should be sent by email (in plain text or pdf format) to by Feb, 25, 2013.
John Mark Agosta
Workshop Chair UAI 2013

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