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UAI 2011 will be held at the Campus Roger de Lluria of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). The address is:

C/ Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005 Barcelona

See UPF, Campus Roger de Llúria in a bigger map


See the location of the UAI-2011 venue in a bigger map.

Sessions will take place at Room 40S02:

at the ground floor of the covered courtyard that can be bee seen here.

Closest Metro Station is Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica, from Line L4. Here you have a pdf with the whole Metro network map.

You can also reach the venue by bus (lines 14 and 41) and tram (line T4).

Here you can find a lot of information of how getting around the city with metro and bus.


There are plenty of restaurants nearby; on Thursday and Friday, participants, if they feel so inclined, can have lunch at the University Cafetaria; a meal (consisting of first and second course, a drink, bread and dessert) costs 7.25 Euros.

1 BJ (Llull, 13) – big restaurant

2 Ivin (Sardenya, 37)

3 La padrina (Sardenya, 41) - pizzeria

4 Don Picanton (Sardenya, 78)

5 Woman del Pikako (Sardenya, 48)

6 Millo Vello (Sardenya, 48)

7 Los pollos de Llull (Ramon Turró, 13)  - roasted chickens

8 Santo Domingo (Marina, 67)

9 Urretxu (Marina, 64) – Basque restaurant

10 Palacio Pekin (Marina, 66) - Chinese

11 Prince (Marina, 66) - Indian

12 Chinese restaurant

13 Focaccia/Pizza

14 Monchos (Marina, 19-21)  - 12€ aprox

15 Port Olímpic - different kinds of restaurants

16 Il corsaro nero (Av. Icaria, 132) - 25-30 € - pizzeria

17 Pizzeria Vela (Av. Icaria, 149) - 10€ aprox

18 Fres Co (Salvador Espriu, 31-35) – buffet, salads – 12 € aprox

19 La corza blanca (Av. Icaria, 178) - 10€ aprox

20 Manná (Llull, 74) – 20/30€

Restaurants 1 to 12 have daily menus for aprox. 10 € from Monday to Friday.

The above map and list of restaurants and bar that participants can join for lunch can be downloaded here


The social banquet will be held on Saturday July 16th, 20.00h, in the Magnum 7 Portes Restaurant, C/ Salvador Espriu 73, 08005 Barcelona. The Magnum 7 Portes (B in the map below) is the contemporary version of the classic 7 Portes restaurant: the oldest restaurant of Barcelona. This new restyled version is an elegant place near the seaside and at walking distance from the conference venue (A in the map below), that offers a fusion of Catalan and Mediterranean disches.

Please check out the maps below.

See the location in a bigger map
See the location in a bigger view