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UAI 2013 - Instructions for authors with accepted papers

The camera-ready deadline is Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 3:59pm PDT

This year, we are using an automatic paper format checker to enforce some of the formatting requirements. Your paper may take a few tries to pass, and you will not be able to submit on CMT until it passes the paper checker. So please budget time accordingly and submit early.

When preparing your camera-ready versions, please take reviewer comments into account, such as correcting typos, improving the clarity of the paper, adding relevant references, and so forth. UAI prides itself on the writing quality of the accepted papers. Please help us maintain this standard. We WILL be spot checking to ensure that important reviewer suggestions are addressed.

When you are ready, please follow these three simple steps to submit your camera-ready paper.

  1. Upload your paper at the automatic paper formatting checker Once it passes the paper checker, you will receive a 5-character passcode, which is required for submitting your paper in step 3. The paper should be in the same submission format as before. Remember to include the authors' names!
  2. Fill out the copyright release form. It is sufficient if only one of the authors of the papers signs the form, but then that author has to tick the mark at the bottom of the form indicating that he/she signs for all co-authors. You can either sign it electronically using acrobat or alternatively, print, sign, then scan it into file. Save the pdf or image file using the last name of the first author of the paper, e.g. Copyright-Cozman.pdf or Copyright-Murphy.jpg.
  3. Submit your paper and the copyright form (using the 5-character passcode from step 1 as key) at The paper must be under 5MB in size.

From there, the friendly UAI proceedings elf will collect your papers that span the farthest reaches of the AI frontier, yet all strictly adhere to the 9+1 page UAI format. They will be magically collated into a single printable and distributable document, ready for the world's viewing pleasure. This intricate process takes time, and we don't have much of it. So please be on time. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

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