UAI 2007

The 23rd Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

July  19-22, 2007

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC Canada

UBC Rose Garden

Information for Presenters

All presentations will be in English.

Plenary Presentations

Time slots for plenary presentations are 25 minutes. Please allow 20 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes for questions. There will be a traditional, optical overhead projector as well as a modern, digital projector available for presenters.

Please manage your time carefully. We will follow the schedule strictly.

Poster Presentations

Poster presenters will have 2 minutes during the poster spotlight session preceding the poster session to give a very brief poster overview. Please note that due to the tight scheduling of these spotlight presentations, there will not be enough time to change laptops between presentations. You have two choices for how to present your spotlight:

  1. You may use traditional transparencies.
  2. You may use a laptop we will provide to present your slides in PDF format. To use this option, you must communicate your file to program co-chair Ron Parr, either by email or sneakernet (via a USB flash drive) by no later than the night before you present. Please name your file with the last name of the first author. (We require PDF to eliminate compatibility issues that can occur between different types of presentation software - or even different versions of the same software. Please note that there are several free ways of producing PDF output from Windows. For Windows versions through XP, you may wish to try PrimoPDF. For Vista, you have may have fewer installation problems with CutePDF.)

The Forest Sciences Center lobby will be used for poster presentations. The space available for posters will be 4 feet by 4 feet (U.S. Customary/Imperial/English feet), or 1.21 meters by 1.21 meters. While this is traditional UAI size, please note that this is smaller than what is used for many other conferences, so please plan accordingly.