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UAI 2014 - Poster Spotlights

Poster Spotlights 1

ID: 37
Title: Approximating the Bethe Partition Function
Authors: Adrian Weller, Columbia University; Tony Jebara, Columbia University

ID: 39
Title: Min-$d$-Occur: Ensuring Future Occurrences in Streaming Sets
Authors: Vidit Jain, Yahoo Labs; Sainyam Galhotra,

ID: 58
Title: Transformation Based Probabilistic Clustering using Supervision
Authors: Siddharth Gopal, Carnegie Mellon University; Yiming Yang, Carnegie Mellon University

ID: 64
Title: Inference Complexity in Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
Authors: Liessman Sturlaugson, Montana State University; John Sheppard, Montana State University

ID: 74
Title: Saturated Conditional Independence with Fixed and Undetermined Sets of Incomplete Random Variables
Authors: Henning Koehler, Massey University; Sebastian Link, The University of Auckland

ID: 110
Title: Recursive Best-First AND/OR Search for Graphical Models
Authors: Akihiro Kishimoto, IBM Research, Ireland; Radu Marinescu, IBM Research

ID: 117
Title: Efficient Sparse Recovery via Adaptive Non-Convex Regularizers with Oracle Property
Authors: Ming Lin, Tsinghua University; Rong Jin, Michigan State University; Changshui Zhang, Tsinghua University

ID: 152
Title: Active Learning of Linear Embeddings for Gaussian Processes
Authors: Roman Garnett, University of Bonn; Michael Osborne, Oxford University; Philipp Hennig, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

ID: 154
Title: Asymptotically Exact, Embarrassingly Parallel MCMC
Authors: Willie Neiswanger, Carnegie Mellon University; Eric Xing, Carnegie Mellon University; Chong Wang,

ID: 166
Title: Venn-Abers Predictors
Authors: Vladimir Vovk, Royal Holloway; Ivan Petej,

ID: 171
Title: Metrics for Probabilistic Geometry
Authors: Alessandra Tosi, UPC; Søren Hauberg, Technical University of Denmar; Alfredo Vellido, UPC; Neil Lawrence,

ID: 179
Title: Model Regularization for Stable Sample Rollouts
Authors: Erik Talvitie, Franklin & Marshall College

ID: 182
Title: Approximate Decentralized Bayesian Inference
Authors: Trevor Campbell, MIT; Jonathan How, MIT

ID: 199
Title: SPPM: Sparse Privacy Preserving Mappings
Authors: Salman Salamatian, EPFL; Nadia Fawaz, Technicolor; Branislav Kveton, Technicolor Labs; Nina Taft, Technicolor

ID: 213
Title: Quantifying Nonlocal Informativeness in High-Dimensional, Loopy Gaussian Graphical Models
Authors: Daniel Levine, MIT; Jonathan How, MIT

ID: 219
Title: Message Passing for Soft Constraint Dual Decomposition
Authors: David Belanger, University of Massachusetts; Alexandre Passos, University of Massachusetts; Sebastian Riedel, University College London; Andrew McCallum, University of Massachusetts Amherst

ID: 220
Title: Learning Partial Policies to Speedup MDP Tree Search
Authors: Jervis Pinto, Oregon State University; Alan Fern, Oregon State University

ID: 227
Title: Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Pitman-Yor Mixture Models
Authors: Kumar Dubey, Carnegie mellon university; Sinead Williamson, University of Texas at Austin; Eric Xing, Carnegie Mellon University

ID: 229
Title: Sequential Model-Based Ensemble Optimization
Authors: Alexandre Lacoste, Laval University; Hugo Larochelle, Université de Sherbrooke; Mario Marchand, Laval University; François Laviolette, Laval University

ID: 231
Title: Nuclear Norm Regularized Least Squares Optimization on Grassmannian Manifolds
Authors: Yuanyuan Liu, CUHK; Fanhua Shang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Hong Cheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; James Cheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

ID: 303
Title: Estimating causal effects by bounding confounding
Authors: Philipp Geiger, Max Planck Institute; Dominik Janzing, Max Planck Institute

ID: 335
Title: Multi-label Image Classification with A Probabilistic Label Enhancement Model
Authors: Xin Li, Temple University; Feipeng Zhao, Temple University; Yuhong Guo, Temple University

Poster Spotlights 2

ID: 19
Title: On Convergence and Optimality of Best-Response Learning with Policy Types in Multiagent Systems
Authors: Stefano Albrecht, University of Edinburgh; Subramanian Ramamoorthy, University of Edinburgh

ID: 36
Title: Efficient Inference of Gaussian-Process-Modulated Renewal Processes with Application to Medical Event Data
Authors: Thomas Lasko, Vanderbilt School of Medicine

ID: 59
Title: Belief-Kinematics Jeffrey's Rules in the Theory of Evidence
Authors: Chunlai Zhou, Renmin University of China; Mingyue Wang, Syracuse University; Biao Qin, Renmin University of China

ID: 80
Title: HELM: Highly Efficient Learning of Mixed copula networks
Authors: Yaniv Tenzer, Huji; Gal Elidan , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

ID: 91
Title: Lifted Tree-Reweighted Variational Inference
Authors: Hung Bui, Nuance; Tuyen Huynh, Jon von Neumann Institute, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City; David Sontag, New York University

ID: 101
Title: Batch-Mode Active Learning via Error Bound Minimization
Authors: Quanquan Gu, CS, UIUC; Tong Zhang, Rutgers University; Jiawei Han, CS, UIUC

ID: 115
Title: A Unified Approach to Fast Algorithms for Submodular Optimization based on Continuous Relaxations and Rounding
Authors: Rishabh Iyer, University of Washington, Seat; Stefanie Jegelka, UC Berkeley; Jeffrey Bilmes, University of Washington

ID: 125
Title: Markov Network Structure Learning via Ensemble-of-Forests Models
Authors: Eirini Arvaniti, ETH Zurich; Manfred Claassen, ETH Zurich

ID: 129
Title: Fast Ridge Regression with Randomized Principal Component Analysis and Gradient Descent
Authors: Yichao Lu, University of pennsylvania; Dean Foster, University of Pennsylvania

ID: 132
Title: Efficient Regret Bounds for Online Bid Optimisation in Budget-Limited Sponsored Search Auctions
Authors: Long Tran-Thanh, University of Southampton; Lampros Stavrogiannis, University of Southampton; Victor Naroditskiy, University of Southampton; Valentin Robu, University of Southampton; Nicholas Jennings, University of Southampton; Peter Key, Microsoft Research Cambridge

ID: 135
Title: Correlated Compressive Sensing for Networked Data
Authors: Tianlin Shi, Tsinghua University; Da Tang, ; Liwen Xu, ; Thomas Moscibroda,

ID: 164
Title: Position-Aware ListMLE: A Sequential Learning Process for Ranking
Authors: Yanyan Lan, ICT; Yadong Zhu, ICT; Jiafeng Guo, ICT; Shuzi Niu, ICT; Xueqi Cheng, ICT

ID: 205
Title: Nonparametric Clustering with Distance Dependent Hierarchies
Authors: Soumya Ghosh, Brown University; Michalis Raptis, ; Leonid Sigal, Disney Research; Erik Sudderth, Brown University

ID: 206
Title: Modeling Citation Networks using Latent Random Offsets
Authors: Willie Neiswanger, Carnegie Mellon University; Chong Wang, ; Qirong Ho, Carnegie Mellon University; Eric Xing, Carnegie Mellon University

ID: 222
Title: Bayesian Filtering with Online Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
Authors: Yali Wang, ; Marcus Brubaker , Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago; Brahim Chaib-draa, ; Raquel Urtasun, University of Toronto

ID: 232
Title: Bayesian Inference in Treewidth-Bounded Graphical Models Without Indegree Constraints
Authors: Daniel J. Rosenkrantz, University at Albany -- SUNY; Madhav V.Marathe, Virginia Tech; S. S. Ravi, University at Albany -- SUNY; Anil K. Vullikanti, Virginia Tech

ID: 251
Title: A Spectral Algorithm for Learning Class-Based $n$-gram Models of Natural Language
Authors: Karl Stratos, Columbia University; Do-kyum Kim, University of California, San Diego; Daniel Hsu, Columbia University; Michael Collins, Columbia University

ID: 258
Title: Efficient Bayesian Nonparametric Modelling of Structured Point Processes
Authors: Tom Gunter, University of Oxford; Chris Lloyd, ; Stephen Roberts, University of Oxford, Department of Engineering, Machine Learning Research Group; Michael A. Osborne,

ID: 260
Title: Learning Peptide-Spectrum Alignment Models for Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Authors: John Halloran, University of Washington; Jeffrey Bilmes, University of Washington; William Noble, University of Washington

ID: 286
Title: Accelerating MCMC via Parallel Predictive Prefetching
Authors: Elaine Angelino, Harvard University; Eddie Kohler, Harvard University; Margo Seltzer, Harvard University; Amos Waterland, Harvard University; Ryan Adams, Harvard

ID: 290
Title: Scalable Binary Tensor Factorization
Authors: Beyza Ermiş, Boğaziçi University; Guillaume Bouchard, Xerox Research Centre Europe

ID: 316
Title: CoRE Kernels
Authors: Ping Li, Rutgers University

ID: 317
Title: A Consistent Estimator of the Expected Gradient Outerproduct
Authors: Shubhendu Trivedi, Toyota Technological Institute; Jialei Wang, University of Chicago; Samory Kpotufe, TTI-Chicago; Gregory Shakhnarovich, TT-Chicago

ID: 336
Title: Combining predictions from linear models when training and test inputs differ
Authors: Thijs Van Ommen, CWI, Amsterdam

Poster Spotlights 3

ID: 38
Title: Understanding the Bethe approximation: when and how can it go wrong?
Authors: Adrian Weller, Columbia University; Kui Tang, Columbia University; Tony Jebara, Columbia University; David Sontag, New York University

ID: 54
Title: Instance Label Prediction by Dirichlet Process Multiple Instance Learning
Authors: Melih Kandemir, Heidelberg University HCI/IWR; Fred Hamprecht, Heidelberg University HCI/IWR

ID: 67
Title: Bisimulation Metrics are Optimal Value Functions
Authors: Norm Ferns, École Normale Supérieure; Doina Precup,

ID: 71
Title: Learning to Predict from Crowdsourced Data
Authors: Wei Bi, HKUST; Liwei Wang, UIUC; James Kwok, HKUST; Zhuowen Tu, UCSD

ID: 73
Title: Optimal amortized regret in every interval
Authors: Rina Panigrahy, Microsoft; Preyas Popat, Google

ID: 79
Title: Latent Kullback Leibler Control for Continuous-State Systems using Probabilistic Graphical Models
Authors: Takamitsu Matsubara, NAIST; Vicenç Gómez, Radboud University, Nijmegen; Hilbert Kappen, Radboud University

ID: 96
Title: Generating structure of latent variable models for nested data
Authors: Masakazu Ishihata, NTT Communication Science Labo; Tomoharu Iwata, NTT Communication Science Laboratories

ID: 124
Title: Can(Plan)+: Extending the Operational Semantics for the BDI architecture to deal with Uncertain Information
Authors: Kim Bauters, Queen's University Belfast; Weiru Liu, Queen's University Belfast; Jun Hong, Queen's University Belfast; Carles Sierra, IIIA, CSIC; Lluis Godo, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

ID: 140
Title: Adaptive Monotone Shrinkage for Regression
Authors: Zhuang Ma, University of Pennsylvania; Dean Foster, University of Pennsylvania; Robert Stine, University of Pennsylvania

ID: 177
Title: A variational approach to stable principal component pursuit
Authors: Aleksandr Aravkin, IBM T.J. watson Research Center; Stephen Becker, IBM Research; Volkan Cevher, EPFL; Peder Olsen,

ID: 186
Title: Continuously indexed Potts models on unoriented graphs
Authors: Loic Landrieu, INRIA; Guillaume Obozinski, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

ID: 196
Title: GPS-ABC: Gaussian Process Surrogate Approximate Bayesian Computation
Authors: Edward Meeds, University of Amsterdam; Max Welling, University of Amsterdam

ID: 198
Title: Interactive Learning from Unlabelled Instructions
Authors: Jonathan Grizou, INRIA; Luis Montesano, Universidad de Zaragoza; Iñaki Iturrate, EPFL; Manuel Lopes, INRIA

ID: 225
Title: Improved Densification of One Permutation Hashing
Authors: Anshumali Shrivastava, Cornell University; Ping Li, Rutgers University

ID: 234
Title: Structured Proportional Jump Processes
Authors: Tal El-Hay, IBM; Omer Weissbrod, IBM; Elad Eban, The Hebrew University; Maurizio Zazzi, ; Francesca Incardona,

ID: 254
Title: A Hierarchical Switching Linear Dynamical System Applied to the Detection of Sepsis in Neonatal Condition Monitoring
Authors: Ioan Stanculescu, University of Edinburgh; Christopher K.I. Williams, University of Edinburgh; Yvonne Freer, The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

ID: 271
Title: Stochastic Discriminative EM
Authors: Andres Masegosa, University of Granada

ID: 287
Title: Understanding the Complexity of Lifted Inference and Asymmetric Weighted Model Counting
Authors: Eric Gribkoff, University of Washington; Guy Van Den Broeck, ; Dan Suciu, UW

ID: 294
Title: Closed-form Solutions to a Subclass of Continuous Stochastic Games via Symbolic Dynamic Programming
Authors: Shamin Kinathil, Australian National University; Scott Sanner, NICTA and ANU; Nicolás Della Penna, ANU and NICTA

ID: 308
Title: Fast Gaussian Process Posteriors with Product Trees
Authors: David Moore, UC Berkeley; Stuart Russell,

ID: 314
Title: MEMR: A Margin Equipped Monotone Retargeting Framework for Ranking
Authors: Sreangsu Acharyya, Universit of Texas, Austin; Joydeep Ghosh, University of Texas, Austin

ID: 327
Title: Bayesian Interactive Decision Support for Multi-Attribute Problems with Even Swaps
Authors: Debarun Bhattacharjya, IBM Research; Jeffrey Kephart, IBM T. J. Watson Research

ID: 338
Title: A Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Spectral Estimation of Metastable Systems
Authors: Hao Wu, Free University of Berlin

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