UAI 2020 - Submission Instructions

Please observe: The submission deadline has now passed. We thank all authors for their contributions.

Important dates for authors

  • February 20, 23:59 Central European Time (CET), 2020: Paper submission deadline
  • April 13th-20th, 2020: Rebuttal period
  • May 14th, 2020: Author notification

Formatting instructions

Submissions should be formatted in the UAI format and must be submitted as a PDF file that uses only Type I fonts. Please do not make changes to the standard format. Papers (including figures and text) are limited to 9 pages in length. A single additional page containing only references is allowed. The total length of the paper including references may not exceed 10 pages. Papers that are over length or violate the UAI proceedings format will be rejected without review.

For your convenience, we are providing the following LaTeX style files:

For an example of how to prepare a paper for UAI using LaTeX you can refer to the source of the proceedings format:

Supplementary Material

Please include any supplementary material after the main paper in the same PDF (note that in the camera-ready version, the supplementary material will be submitted separately). Please note that the reviewers are not required to read this extra material when assessing the paper.

Uploading instructions

To submit please go to and create a new account (if you haven't already) and sign in. Once signed in you will be required to enter possible conflict domains (e.g., but not something too general like with multiple domains separated by a semicolon. You can then submit your paper by clicking on "Create a new Paper Submission" and providing the paper details (title, abstract, author, subject areas, .pdf file). Note that papers must be .pdf files with sizes limited to 10MB. Indicate whether the paper is a student paper, and click on “Submit”. You will next be brought to a page where you are required to mark conflict of interests with individual reviewers. You can also request an email confirmation of your submission. After that, go “Back to Author Console”, where you can edit the submission at any point up to the deadline, and provide supplementary materials as a .pdf or .zip file of up to 50MB in size. Note that reviewers are under no obligation to look at the submitted supplementary materials, and will base their review primarily on the main paper.

Toronto Paper Matching System

UAI 2020 will use the Toronto Paper Matching System (TPMS) to assign submissions to reviewers and area chairs.

Double-blind policy

The UAI 2020 review process is double blind. Please make sure that the submission does not disclose the author's identities or affiliation. For this reason, submissions should not include names in acknowledgements.

Dual-submission policy

Papers that are currently under review or have already been accepted or published in a refereed venue, including conferences and journals, may not be submitted.