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UAI 2009 Instructions for Authors

The UAI 2009 review process is double blind. Submissions should be formatted in the UAI format and must be submitted as a PDF file that uses only Type I fonts. Please do not make changes to the standard format. Papers that are over length or violate the UAI proceedings format may be refused by the publisher. The standard UAI paper length is eight (8) pages, including all figures and bibliography. Authors may optionally purchase up to two (2) additional pages for a fee, the cost of which will be determined later (in 2008 it was $150US/page). We strongly encourage the main paper submissions to be no more than 8 pages long: although 9 or 10 pages long submissions will not be rejected and will be reviewed, please note that we will require the final camera-ready version to be at least as long as the submitted version (so submitting a paper with 1-2 extra page(s) means a commitment to pay the extra page fee(s), if the submission is accepted). We note that the confmaster paper submission site allows the optional submission of supplementary material up to length 5MBs, which may contain proofs, background material, and so on in support of the UAI2009 anonymous submission. The additional files may be uploaded at the paper submission site under Author->view_own_papers at the right-most column. Authors may also use an anonymous URL (that they give in the text of the paper) to submit supplementary material. Reviewers are, however, under no obligation whatsoever to look at any submitted supplementary material, and will base their review primarily on the main paper.

For your convenience, we are providing the following LaTeX style files:

For an example of how to prepare a paper for UAI using LaTeX you can refer to the source of the proceedings format:

Using LaTeX is really the only way to achieve perfect compatibility with the UAI proceedings format, but we are willing to accept papers formatted using other systems, as long as they achieve the UAI proceedings format to a high degree of fidelity.

Since the UAI 2009 review process is double blind, please make sure that the submission does not disclose the authors identities or affiliation. If you include URLs as supplementary material, make sure they also do not disclose your identity. Note that reviewers are also not obliged to look at such supplementary material while preparing their reviews.

UAI 2009 paper submission

UAI 2009 requires electronic submission of papers and abstracts according to the instructions given above. If authors have special circumstances that prevent electronic submission, arrangements can be made directly with the program co-chairs (contact address: Electronic submissions will be accepted through the paper submission web site until the submission deadline (March 13, 11.59pm PDT).

A submitted paper should not be under review by any other conference at the time it is submitted to UAI 2009 nor at any time during the reviewing period of UAI 2009. At the time of submission, a paper should also not have already been accepted for publication in a journal.

For more information, please consult the call for papers