Camera Ready

Paper format:

Your submitted paper must be formatted in the UAI proceedings format described in the following paper, and must be submitted as a PDF rendering that uses only Type I fonts.

Please note that it is important for the proceedings to look professional. That is, each paper should be formatted in the same way. So please do not make changes to the standard format. Things like changes in font size, baseline spreads, etc. will be blatantly obvious in the proceedings, and will only serve to make the final product look amateurish. If you need more space purchase it! Papers that blatantly violate the UAI proceedings format will not be included in the final proceedings.

Your paper must be no more than eight (8) pages long, including all figures and bibliography. You may optionally purchase up to two (2) additional pages at $150 U.S per page. Details about payment will soon be posted.

LaTeX style files are below.

For an example UAI paper using LaTeX, the source of the proceedings-format paper is given below:

Note that using LaTeX is really the only way to achieve perfect compatibility with the UAI proceedings format. But we will accept papers formatted using other systems, as long as they achieve the UAI proceedings format to a high degree of fidelity.


On-Line Submission:

After you have prepared your paper, converted it to PDF  you can submit your paper on-line. Please remember that the deadline for submitting is June 5th. This is a hard deadline that is not under our control―miss it and your paper will not appear in the published proceedings.

Submit on-line using the URL

The on-line submission page also allows you to make an on-line purchase of up to 2 additional pages at $150 U.S. per page. Please note that this is the only way we are able to accept payment for extra pages.

Please note: on the submission page you must first select the number of pages in your camera ready copy, then click "ORDER", then click "Proceed to Paper Submission".