UAI 2004 Schedule

Wednesday, July 7: Applications Workshop

Thursday, July 8:  Tutorials


Eliciting, Modeling, and Reasoning about Preference using CP-nets

  Ronen Brafman, Ben-Gurion University
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10:10 Break
10:30 Constraint processing: a graphical models perspective
  Rina Dechter, University of California at Irvine
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12:10 Lunch
1:50 Graphical Models in Computational Molecular Biology
  Nir Friedman, Hebrew University
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3:30 Break
3:50 Graphical models, exponential families, and variational inference
  Martin Wainwright, University of California at Berkeley
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5:30 Adjourn
6:30 Reception


Friday, July 9




8:50 Session: Foundations
  Robustness of Causal Claims
  Judea Pearl
  Monotonicity in Bayesian Networks
  Linda van der Gaag, Hans Bodlaender, Ad Feelders
  A new characterization of probabilities in Bayesian networks
  Lenhart Schubert
  The Case-Factor Complexity of Markov Random Fields
  David McAllester, Michael Collins, Fernando Pereira
10:30 Break
11:00 Invited Talk: Cascading Behavior and Bursty Dynamics in Computational Models of Social Networks
  Jon Kleinberg
12:00 Lunch
1:40 Session: Probabilistic Modeling I
  Hybrid Influence Diagrams Using Mixtures of Truncated Exponentials
  Barry Cobb, Prakash Shenoy
  The Author-Topic Model for Authors and Documents
  Michal Rosen-Zvi, Thomas Griffiths, Mark Steyvers, Padhraic Smyth
2:30 Invited Talk: Markov Processes and Markov Decision Processes: The Verification Perspective
  Moshe Vardi
3:30 Poster Highlights
4:15 Poster Session I


Saturday, July 10



Invited Talk: What is the matter? Explorations in text categorization

  Lillian Lee
9:30 Session: Multiple Agents
  Reputation Systems: An Axiomatic Approach
  Moshe Tennenholtz
  Regret Minimizing Equilibria and Mechanisms for Games with Strict Type Uncertainty
  Nathanael Hyafil, Craig Boutilier
10:20 Break
10:50 Session: Temporal Models
  Blind Construction of Optimal Nonlinear Recursive Predictors for Discrete Sequences
  Cosma Shalizi, Kristina Shalizi
  Conditional Chow-Liu Tree Structures for Modeling Discrete-Valued Vector Time Series
  Sergey Kirshner, Padhraic Smyth, Andrew Robertson
  ARMA Time-Series Modeling with Graphical Models
  Bo Thiesson, Max Chickering, David Heckerman, Christopher Meek
12:05 Lunch
2:00 Session: Non-probabilistic Reasoning
  An axiomatic framework for order of magnitude confidence relations
  Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier
  A Logic Programming Framework for Possibilistic Argumentation with Vague Knowledge
  Carlos Chesnevar, Guillermo Simari, Teresa Alsinet, Lluis Godo
  Using arguments for making decisions: A possibilistic logic approach
  Leila Amgoud, Henri Prade
3:15 Poster Highlights
4:00 Poster Session II
7:30 Banquet
  Talk: Bayesian or Frequentist? How to Double Your Chances for a Date.
  Ed George



Sunday, July 11



Invited Talk: Good-Turing estimation and its applications

  Alon Orlitsky
9:30 Session: Inference
  Breaking the Loops: An Efficient MCMC Method for Markov Random Fields
  Firas Hamze, Nando de Freitas
  Annealed MAP
  Changhe Yuan, Tsai-Ching Lu, Marek Druzdzel
10:20 Break
10:50 Session: Learning
  "Ideal Parent" Structure Learning for Continuous Variable Networks
  Gal Elidan, Iftach Nachman, Nir Friedman
  Active Model Selection
  Omid Madani, Daniel Lizotte, Russ Greiner
  PAC-learning bounded tree-width graphical models
  Mukund Narasimhan, Jeff Bilmes
  Dependent Dirichlet Priors and Optimal Linear Estimators for Belief Net Parameters
  Peter Hooper
12:30 Lunch
2:00 Session: Decision-theoretic planning
  Metrics for Finite Markov Decision Processes
  Norman Ferns, Prakash Panangaden, Doina Precup
  Heuristic Search Value Iteration for POMDPs
  Trey Smith, Reid Simmons
2:50 Session: Probabilistic Modeling II
  Convolutional factor graphs as probabilistic models
  Yongyi Mao, Frank Kschischang, Brendan Frey

Iterative Conditional Fitting for Gaussian Ancestral Graph Models

  Mathias Drton, Thomas Richardson
3:40 Break
4:10 Session: Applications
  Bayesian Biosurveillance of Disease Outbreaks
  Gregory Cooper, Denver Dash, John Levander, Weng-Keen Wong, William Hogan, Michael Wagner
  Probabilistic index maps for modeling natural signals
  Nebojsa Jojic, Yaron Caspi, Manual Reyes-Gomez
  An Integrated, Conditional Model of Information Extraction and Coreference with Application to Citation Matching
  Benjamin Wellner, Andrew McCallum, Fuchun Peng, Michael Hay