Instructions for Certifying Student Status

To be considered for the outstanding student paper award, the student must be first author, and the student's advisor must certify enrollment in an academic degree program during the 1998/99 academic year. 

To certify student status, the student's academic advisor must send an electronic mail message to  Both the subject of the email and the first line of the message should say: "Student Status for xxx," where xxx is the submission number of paper.  This submission number will be sent electronically to the submitting author when the paper data is submitted via the web form.  The body of the message should contain the following information: 

    • "Student status for xxx," where xxx is the submission number 
  • Paper title 
  • Student's name 
  • Academic program in which the student is enrolled 
  • Expected graduation date 
  • Advisor's name 
  • Advisor's title and affiliation 
  • Advisor's surface mail address 
  • Advisor's phone number and fax number 
  • Advisor's email address 
  • A statement that the student's contribution to the paper was commensurate with the role of first author.