Full-Day Course on Uncertain Reasoning

Wednesday, July 31, 1996

Reed College

Portland, Oregon, USA

Twelfth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

This one-day course on principles and applications of uncertain reasoning will be given on Wednesday, July 31 (the day before the start of the main UAI 96 conference) at Reed College. Click here for summaries of the course sessions. Registration information for the course will be posted with conference registration information.

Introduction and Goals

Eric Horvitz and Finn Jensen

Session I. Foundations of Uncertainty: 8:35-11:00am

Session II. Inference Algorithms for Belief and Action: 11:00-12:45

Lunch Break 12:45-2:00pm

Session III. Modeling and Knowledge Acquisition: 2:00-3:15

Instructors: Kathryn Laskey and Michael Shwe

Session IV. Learning Models from Data: 3:15-4:20


Session V. Uncertain Reasoning in the Real World--Case Studies: 4:30-5:25

Instructors: Eric Horvitz and Mark Peot

Research Directions / UAI 96 Highlights

Details on sessions

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If you have questions or comments about the UAI-96 Full-Day Course, contact the UAI-96 Program Cochairs: Eric Horvitz and Finn Jensen. For conference arrangements information, please contact Steve Hanks.