Since 1985, the Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) has been the primary international forum for presenting new results on the use of principled methods for reasoning under uncertainty within intelligent systems.  The scope of UAI is wide, including, but not limited to, representation, automated reasoning, learning, decision making and knowledge acquisition under uncertainty. We encourage submissions of papers to UAI-2004 that report on advances in these core areas, as well as those dealing with insights derived from the construction and use of applications involving uncertain reasoning.

The UAI 2004 conference will be held in the Banff Park Lodge in Banff, Canada. The main technical session will be on July 9-11, and will be preceded by an applications workshop on July 7 and an advanced tutorial program on July 8th. The conference is collocated with and follows both the Computational Learning Theory (COLT) conference, which will be held July 1 through July 4, and the International Conference on Machine learning (ICML), which will be held July 4 through July 8.

Following the experience from last year, UAI will hold a full day Bayesian Applications Modeling Workshop on July 7 (the day before the tutorials). The focus will be in the areas of diagnostics modeling, models combining knowledge and learning, and models for extracting semantic meaning from text. A call for workshop participation is poster at

UAI 2004 coincides with the Calgary Stampede Days, so we advise attendees to book flights, hotels, and car rentals as early as possible. Local-arrangements information relevant to all three conferences can be found at

Please check the UAI-2004 home page regularly for updates on conference details, submission requirements, etc.