The proceedings will be published by Morgan Kaufmann and produced by Professional Book Center. Accepted papers must be submitted electronically by May 29, 2003 to the Professional Book FTP site. The FTP site is password protected and you must obtain a password before May 23, 2003. See the author kit below for more details.

Author Instructions
The author kit provides information on how to submit your manuscript to ProBook, as well as copyright release and other forms to be submitted with your paper. Please follow these instructions carefully.

Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the author kit.

Preparing Your Paper
The proceedings format will be 8.5 by 11 inches, two-column. 

Click Here to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of a formatted sample paper. 

Click Here to download the tex source of this sample paper. 

If you use LaTEX, follow the provided LaTEX format style file as closely as possible. If you don't use LaTEX, please follow the formatting instructions on the formatted sample paper for which downloading links are given above to achieve an effect as close as possible to what you see on the sample. If your paper involves a special case not covered by the sample (e.g., four co-authors), use your own best judgment (e.g., repeat two-author style), or contact Jennifer Ballentine at ProBook for advice. 

Click Here to download the LaTEX style file.