UAI-2000: The Sixteenth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Getting to UAI-2000 and Stanford University

The precise building and room locations of UAI-2000 Events (and those joint events with COLT-2000 and ICML-2000) can be found on the

UAI-2000 Conference Schedule
Participants can reach Stanford through a variety of means. For further information on how to navigate the Stanford campus, find parking, etc., please see

The Stanford University Visitor web page at

You may proceed directly to a a searchable campus map. You might also use a (small) campus map with UAI event locations marked to help your search.

For information on accommations, please see the UAI-2000 Conference Registration and Accommodation Information page. (The Stanford University Visitor web page contains a list of additional hotels.)

When packing, remember that Silicon Valley lies in an arid region with a Mediteranean climate, so you will want to bring a jacket or sweater for evening wear, but probably not an umbrella. Of course, UAI participants will want to assess their own risk attitudes when making a decision to bring an umbrella!